Monday, May 28, 2007

confessions of an amateur writer..

to let loose the things
caged inside my heart
i crave to write them out
but only if words allow me to
be faithful and correct
cause i dont want to be taken wrong
or if that be the problem
the fear to be understood wrong
the desire to not just be true in intent
but be seen so as well..

For I'll be only what I write
for that is only what they'll see
and these are the only words I have
to speak my mind that tells only me
in gestures only, which I cant see.

I look no more, I see no more
I think no more, I feel no more
for when i do, I want to write
of things which myself am not sure
because they look different
at different sites and times.
My heart plays hide and seek
and though I only get to hide it
I myself fail to seek.