Saturday, June 30, 2007

saturday musings..

Another nice, sunny, windy and surely a lazy afternoon at Mountainview. I am still limping as my left foot still aches from a hiking escapade i tried last weekend. Hence, am grounded today. Want to write something or do I?... want to read something rather. By the way, I am reading Ayn Rand's 'Foutainhead' these days. The book starts off very well, seems promising, captivating, interesting in the beginning. As I reach the middle chapters, I find it a little unnecessarily verbose. And also somewhat unreasonable. Cause there appear to be some self-contrdictions in the way that Ms. Rand handles characters like Ellsworth Toohey. Mr. Toohey justs behaves so totally different and so all of a sudden in the middle chapters from the way he was introduced to us by the author herself in the beginning chapters. Surely, it may be that I am jumping on to conclusions... i.e there may be some interesting truth in the later chapters yet to be unfolded which explain this awkward behavior.. So, yah, I agree its not justified to comment on the book before reading it. I was just commenting on whatever picture I have in my mind today. And now that I have committed this sin of commenting on it mid-way, I shall have to make-up for it by giving a review once I am through with the book in toto. Well I guess thats it for today.. see u around.. :-)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Memoirs of a Geisha...

An idle weekend made me watch 'Memoirs of a Geisha' among other movies. The last scene of the reunion of the Geisha and the Chairman was particularly moving. Also, its a kind of scene where the action stops and the viewer gets some time to think and reflect from a distance. Here I make an attempt to capture that moment in rhyme. I suggest you watch the movie especially the last scenes, may be some of the things written here would make sense then.

The Time ...

it flies like dead leaves
in the breeze at the eve
it drops like a tear
from the eyes in grief
it warms like a kiss
on the lips in reprieve

its the time that comes
when the storms abate
its late i know
but its not too late