Thursday, April 28, 2011


कब आती हो कब चली जाती हो

कुछ इल्म ही नहीं होता

तुमसे इतनी बातें करनी हैं

राज़ खोंलने हैं किस्से कहने हैं

पिछली बार जब चाँद की

शमा जलाकर हम तुम बैठे

थे तो दिल की न जाने

कितनी गिरहें खोली

कितने सवाल बीने

बहुत सुकूँ मिला

सुनो .. इस बार

थोडा रुक के जाना

Friday, April 1, 2011

Go Team India, Go !

In the last few hours before the final showdown, I decided to draw up a few words ...

Tonight, my men
when you play
on the field.
Who will you
play for ?

For the beautiful
people who could
pay and come
to see you play.
Or for make-do
bourgeois who
can still see
you from their
easy sofa sets as
they go about
their daily day.
Or for that
impoverished kid
probably cleaning
tables in some
dhaba as he
intensely tries
to listen to
your score on his
master's TV or
some radio at bay.
Or may be for
yourself, for your
own glory, or for
your own passion,
or just so that so
you can say.

Whoever it be,
you'll have our
adulation. For it
is not you
but what you're
out to achieve
that's bigger than
anyone's private
possession. Go
my men, go
bring back the cup
for this torn
nation, for this
confused generation,
for this wretched
starvation. In
times like these
when we need to
look up, In times
like these, trust me,
we need this cup.