Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Real Moon Mystery

What is reality ? Is it an existence... or just a myth ? We took a stroll along the Ganges in search of some clue...
(Special thanks to David Lean's acclaimed movie, A Passage to India, originally a great novel by E M Foster, for leading us to the holy river in our quest.. )

Ever seen the moon
in the Ganges, my dear?
Its not round
but spreads open
far from the horizon
across the rippling
dark blue waters,
the holy flow,
so calm and quiet.
Or is it ?

The sage by the river
tells us in whispers,
these waters have
a world inside,
a dwelling, it
so quietly hides.
"The people of that land
were once a people
like you and me.
They walked these sands,
drank this water
saw that moon,
like you and me.
Now they are dead,
their bodies left
to this sacred river
which shelters them
forever in its bosom,
all their after-lives.
Hail the Holy Ganges ! "

The old boatman
doesnot agree.
"They aren't
the after-lives.
We are.
We are the ones
who once lived
and now are dead.
Do you see the
moon in the Ganges ?
Thats the real one, my sons.
The one above you
is a mere reflection.
Hail the Holy Ganges ! "

Sunday, August 12, 2007

sunday musings

hi gentle reader :-)
well...again, another sunny afternoon in mountainview.. they rightly say that you can never complaint about the weather here. Its just the right kind for all.. i mean no one can hate it.... you experience a little of all sorts during different times of the day..a little cloudy and wintery in the morning... more of the sunny kind during afternoons.. cool breezy evenings and then windy nights with golden views of moon...the best thing is as i said that theres a little of every kind in the mix..i guess any kind of extremity be it hot,cold or sun in the weather is what we would have been uncomfortable with had it been that the big thing for today was that i again went for a hiking escapade..more daring than the previous ones...a continuous walk for about 16 miles...this time we really went up to the mountains that i used to see from my office and apptmt... last time i tried that i had to come back from the foothills... and also sprained my ankle in the effort.. today it was more strenous than that.. but a lot exciting too.. only i hope that my ankle remains healthy :-) ... ok i guess i really need a nap... see u back... i still have to write that review on Fountainhead, i remember..... let me tell you it would be a lot different from what i wrote when i had read it midway... will write it in the coming days.... do check it... see u and have a good sunday...bye..

--12 August 07, Mountain View, California