Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day (April 22)

इन सूखे काले पत्तों से
कुछ आवाज़ आती है सुनो
किसे आग देते हो तुम
ढेरी हमारी या तुम्हारी चिताएं

Was confused..What to do on the Earth Day? Saw some videos about it..Read some articles...But thats it...Couldn't do anything more.... :( Finally I noted that i had "wasted"(yes, that was the word that came to my mind) about three hours on this. So, hurriedly got back to the looming assignments.
Lets think about Earth some other day। Earth can wait, assignments can't. I know I should be ashamed. I am, but why do I still carry on :-( ?

I still remember when we were introduced to the issues of air pollution in the Middle School. I always looked at the leaves of the plants that grew on the central verge of the road we used to cross to reach our school bus stand. The leaves used to be dark with the soot from the automobiles that if u just wipe ur finger over them, it came out stark black like an eye liner. Always, in those encounters, I did use to think about the pollution thing for a little while but would soon get engrossed in doing 'modern art' on those leaves by moving my fingers over them. Sometimes I used to wipe off the whole drawing board (a.k.a the leaf) and perhaps 2 or 3 others off that black film and used to feel that I am a warrior!!

So, I did nothing then and am doing nothing now. Anyways.. would like to hear if you all got to do something.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Lost in Translation

Five days is what something as beautiful as a butterfly gets to live its life. Five days is what can be enough for two strangers to make a beautiful odyssey (or 1 day in case of before sunrise :-)) which they shall cherish for life. Was watching Lost in Translation yesterday...Needless to say. Beautiful, it was...the movie, the direction, the acting, the actors....and the best of all..the evening blue tokyo. The last scenes just set the mood and I wrote a little song :) Do watch the movie if u havn't already.

Was just wondering how can u make a movie in which the story spans only say about an hour in real time. basically in which say ur movie is for 1.5 hrs but the actual action took place in say 20 mins. Generally, movies compress time. How would they expand time? Well, one way can be to play the Rashomon or the Vantage Point strategy. Play the same story from different perspectives again. What can be other ways ?

Here is the movie trailer.

And here is the final part which set my lines. But I would strongly recommend u not see this if you plan to watch the whole movie in the near future.


Just behold me
Deep in ur eyes
and take me along
wherever u go

This night is so cruel
I look at u with asking eyes
And you don't have no words
And I must smile in pain.

I know, I know we can't be
But why does it have to be
bye i say with failing voice

But behold me
deep in ur eyes
as u move back
and I remain here