Monday, November 2, 2009

My City Weeps

Watched 'Mumbai Meri Jaan' today. Its about the aftermath of the serial train blasts in Mumbai in 2006. Realized that a city has a soul, a spirit, and an ethos. It has a life. It has emotions. It has flesh and blood. Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai - these great cities are such vibrant symbols of modern India that my heart wails to see them falling prey to such cowardly acts of terror as bombings and shootouts.

It seems that we really haven't learnt any lessons from history. About a hundred years ago, this nation was made to kneel down by Imperialists who played on the divisions between various kingdoms. These divisions still exist in different manifestations. Be it communal violence in Ahmadabad or regionalism in Mumbai, its these divisions which surface open threads in our fabric for anti-social elements to seep into. When a city's own people start hating each other, the whole fabric of the city comes tearing apart. The city weeps. Is it really that difficult to build a city of dreams in our motherland ?

रोके नहीं रुकते
आँसू मेरे शहर के ,
कैसे रोकूँ
इस खून खराबे को ,
कैसे तोडूँ
इन नफरत की दीवारों को