Sunday, August 17, 2008


I guess i m crazier than i think i am .. Thats why I do such things .. Alright .. Alright .. I know you all are going to have a great great laugh .. So be it ..

Voice & Lyrics : Aman Rathi :)
For lyrics, see here

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jai Hind !

15th August..
May our country progress and prosper
May it be green and greener
Its people be happy and happier
Its skies be blue and bluer
Its waters clear and clearer
Its air pure and purer

खुदा अपने वतन को अमन बक्शे ! आमीन

I don't have anything to say at this late night hour .. anyways I am already two days late in this post..lets see if i can put up some verse ... ammm... doesn't look so ... am too tired ..
Oh Wait.., there was this poem that I had composed in reply to an email by some friends. I think it should fit the matter. Let me see if I can pull it up from old mails......

OK, so here it is ..

But before that, listen to this nice song which was the subject of those emails. [You might want to ignore the politically motivated opinions there]


Chatting with myself
yesterday in bed
I wondered why
I don't sleep anymore.
Why that silent night,
outside the window
seemed like an abyss
so dark and deep
that there was no echo.
Then when I got
a glimpse of the moon
who yesterday would
have shone over home
seen by my people
prayed by my people.

I cried aloud
without any voice
I sighed aloud
without any choice.
To sleep to death
where i woke up to life
Is all I want...
Because I belong.
I belong to my country.
I am a patriot :)

And on a personal note, 15th August also marked my completion of two years in US. Happy anniversary to me :)

Its already 2 at night. And Ted's mom said nothing goes well after 2. So am about to hit bed now. Just returned from an Indian Ocean Concert in downtown Seattle. Needless to say awesome it was.

Jai Hind !

Monday, August 11, 2008

All The World's a Stage


so many people
come and go
i am the only one
who remains
in this strange
world of mine.

I was talking to a few friends today each one of whom came into my life at such distinctive phases. Some, whom I played with about fifteen-twenty years ago when we were small urchins running around here and there. Some, whom I met in middle school and high school and senior grades - we all grew up together - stepped into adolescence together. Some, whom I met during Undergrad - we all slogged together, had fun together, stepped out of our homes together - became independent and stood on our feet together. Some whom I met being a grad student - we all worked together - laughed together - realized that we were no more as young as we used to be - shared nostalgia about our childhood, school and undergrad years. Then some whom I just met in the last few weeks on my new job or as late as yesterday before they left, are leaving or will be leaving to different places, to their own lives.

Dad had a transferable job. So when he used to get transferred, we used to shift to a new place, a new town, a new city or a new state. All my friendships used to get snapped. Yes, there was this excitement of going to a new place but also this challenge of making your place, again from the scratch, in that new group of kids that would be found there. So if till yesterday, in your old locality u were the team-captain even though u didn't know football, today u have to know football to even get to play with these folks. All those years, I kept on making new friends and losing the previous ones. It was so painful. So much time it used to take to discover & forge a close friendship and then suddenly you have to let it pass. Not until the social networks came to the web, could I actually have the option of reaching out to my old pals. So today when I talked to a few of these people from various times across the spread of my life, I made a U-Turn and went down the memory lane for a while, and remembered those times some as old as decades back and some as fresh as yesterday.

And all the while the question in mind was : "WHY DID THEY HAVE TO LEAVE ?" I know there might be new friendships waiting to blossom, that there will be friends we'll spend our youth with, friends we'll get old together with, friends who'll accompany us to our deathbed. Some of them would be new, some of them might be old. But for those who left (or will leave) us, why did they have to leave. I know that we can call them any time we want to. But essentially, they seem no more in your lives ? Don't they ?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

What A Wonderful World !

Among some beautiful pieces I have been hearing today, this one is still lingering ('what a wonderful world '- penned by George Douglas). I don't know why. Ah .. i guess this song and its melody identifies so much with today's day. Thats why I want to hear it again and again today. So I 've got to do something about it. A blog post .. may be. So let me tell you why it has been a wonderful day today. But before that, listen to these.

Thanks to Batra for talking about his imeem playlist today. I found it there.

Then there is this another beautiful version by Louis Armstrong which I heard back in Austin when Chinmayi played it to me.

And after all this lovely stuff, you've got to read this jibberish from my side.


i see sun rising gently
and breeze coming along
children skating outside
as i lie in my bed
snuggled in my quilt
i smile to myself
what a wonderful day

i see snow on mountains
and clouds clearing aside
buses trickling in
and people going by
as i stretch on my bed
and take a deep breath
i say to myself
what a wonderful day

i hop onto internet
and read my mails
check out the chat
and see friends in green
i roll on my bed
put chin on my palm
i type to myself
what a wonderful day

i play some music
play irish says friend
the sound of the violin
and flutes flow by
i get up for a while
and take a swing
i sing to myself
what a wonderful day

i make some tea
and do some chores
do the laundry
and dishes and stores
i sit on my bed
slurp some tea, look outside
i think to myself
what a wonderful day

i lie down again
pull up my quilt
chat with friends
watch some shows
then listening to songs
dozed off again
i dream to myself
what a wonderful day