Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Balancing a Pen on the Index Finger

Well.. Its been quite a while that I wrote something on this wall. So, thought of just scribbling in something just like that.. :-)

Balancing a pen
on the index finger,
Tossing a tennis ball
up and down,
Tapping my feet
onto the ground,
Drumming the table
with nimble fingers,
Eyes fixated
elsewhere nowhere,
Sitting on stair,
Playing with hair,
Lying on belly
in my messed-up lair,
Sunk in a pillow
aloof unaware,
Resting my chin
on my hands,
Smiling to faraway
rainbow bands,
Strolling aimlessly
hands in pockets,
Singing humming,
Hand waving rockets,

These are few things
that i do
when i think about u