Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Six Faces of Hope

A tribute to millions of school-going children in villages across India . They are the force that is pushing education to the most elusive parts of our country.

Hope was what
I saw in their eyes.
Six little children
on a dusty rural street,
in soiled school uniforms,
all looking up
to that roaring plane,
and shrieking in chorus
to hold that boom.
They yell, they shout
their whole breath out
until that din
of the flight dies out.
And then they chuckle,
flitter and flutter,
dance, sing , sway
their win away.

Held then they,
their hand in hand
and off they gallop
in sync and in rhyme
like kings of some time.
They spread, they close,
they form a line
they rise, they bow
they march align.
Six little stars
how bright they shone
as they took a walk
thru the sky they own.

Raised my camera
to make a click
as they cruised
unseen unhit,
until the sound
of the snap came by.
They turn at once,
they see at once,
trifle and shuffle,
then came to me.
Girls in blushes,
Boys in cheers,
Six little faces
staring at me.
Hesitant but smiling,
I look into their eyes.
And hope was what
smiled back at me.