Sunday, July 27, 2008

A blast here A blast there


a blast here
a blast there
well, it happens
we tell ourself
and go on

and people die
and children cry
well, it happens
we tell ourself
and go on

then one day we lie
in the streets of ahmedabad
bathed in blood
seething in pain
and soul parting apart
why did this happen
we ask ourself
as others go on

BOOM! and everything is gone. Your aspirations, your relations, the work that you were on ur way to do, the boyfriend/girlfriend you were to meet, the exam you were going to take or the homework you were going to do (thats a favorite) and so much so else. You whole life is gone. And as you lie torn and burnt, what you really have are just a few seconds and a choice to either use them for that last desperate attempt to survive and possibly die in chaos and haste and a frown on the face OR just sink in and reflect for one more time on how life has been good to you, the people you loved, cherishing those moments and die smiling at how you small you are in face of the larger design of ... the time. I am not sure what I would do.

Anyways, talking of something more useful, one compelling pattern (if at all there is) that can be inferred from these two blasts is that the BJP led states are being targeted. 'cause there should be no other convincing reason to hit bangalore. States like Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan should be on high alert.